Association of Ukraine-EU business cooperation assistance

Association of Ukraine-EU business cooperation assistance

Ukraine, Kyiv
Mr. Yuriy Kogut, Chairman of the board
Ms. Tamara Ponomarova, translator

About Us

NGO whose main objective is to support economic, social and scientific interests of Ukrainian enterprises within the framework of cooperation with the EU and to promote building market bridges between Europe and Ukraine.

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Association of Ukraine-EU business cooperation assistance





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09.11.2015 Welcoming glass of wine
10.11.2015 Matchmaking session
10.11.2015 Sourcing day for Slovak companies
10.11.2015 Accompanying event
10.11.2015 Gala dinner

Cooperation Profiles

" Association of Ukraine-EU business cooperation assistance" provides informational support and assistance to:  Development of competitive exit strategies for European companies and businesses planning to enter the markets of Ukraine: competitive analysis of the environment, identification of potential opportunities and risks, development of risk management strategies, analysis of the legal framework of Ukraine and its transformation;  Market research: the general situation on Ukrainian markets, the structure and characteristics of industrial markets, trends, key players, attractive areas for investment in certain spheres etc.  Analytical support of foreign companies in cooperation with Ukrainian businesses: analytical tools of risk management, analysis of tariff and non-tariff barriers, informational and analytical security of operations etc.  Expert study of potential partners and competitors in Ukraine and other countries: assessment of the business reputation, analysis of solvency and reliability of the company;  Creation and maintenance of complex analytical security systems for foreign companies and companies doing business in Ukraine: audit of a security system, development of the concept of integrated security (including informational security);  Search and analysis of potential objects of investment, research on the investment climate in Ukraine, analysis of the legislative framework of Ukraine and its transformation, development of the "investment passport".


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