a-develop, s.r.o.

a-develop, s.r.o.

Slovakia, Bratislava
Mr. Vladimir Losonsky, managing director

About Us

The main business activities of a-develop, Ltd. include construction development in the field of preparation and implementation of construction projects involving water, sewer and utility lines, houses, offices, multi-functional, housing and civil constructions, mediation and consulting in the field of purchase, sale, and lease of property. Our objective is to provide comprehensive services at a professional level based on high expertise, trust, loyalty, decency and individual approach to each client to satisfy their needs and achieve maximum benefits. Construction development - Preparation and implementation of investment plans starting from the selection of an appropriate location, acquisition of rights to land (ownership or lease), drafting a specific plan and arranging its approval, preparation of design documentation, arranging sources of funding, building permit procedure and coordination of construction works up to commissioning and delivery of the structures to the client. Mediation, consulting - Mediation of purchase, sale and lease of property, comprehensive legal service SERVICES OFFERED  Arranging basic supporting documents for future construction  Suggesting optimum solution for the given territory’s use  Drafting an architectural study of the given zone, design documentation  Drafting a detailed architectural study of the area under development  Preparation of design documentation  Representation in the land use procedure and in the building permit procedure  Construction management + project management, commissioning of the structures  Commercial appreciation of the structures – arranging the sale or lease of the property REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES  Mediation of purchase, sale and lease of property  Comprehensive legal service  Property appraisal  Geodetic services  Arranging all details connected with property assignment  Suggesting optimum use for property  Creating investment plans  Arranging project financing sources  Property rights settlement  Creating and modifying land use plans  Land law, changes in land types  Consulting

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